Smooth leather gloves can easily be treated with colourless milking grease or a leather balm. Apply the care product sparingly with a soft cloth,

distribute carefully and allow to take effect. Please do not follow the motto: A lot helps a lot.

For nubuck or suede leather gloves it is best to use leather spray. If possible, impregnate before wearing for the first time and then every 2 weeks. With a suede leather brush you can straighten up the leather again and remove dirt.

If the gloves get wet, they should only dry slowly. Never place the leather on the heater or in the sun, otherwise it may become brittle and hard.

If you want to wash your leather gloves once, please only use lukewarm water and a leather detergent, shampoo or curd soap. Place the gloves in lukewarm water enriched with a little detergent. Then put on the gloves and clean them like washing your hands. Then rinse several times in clear water and squeeze out with a terry towel, do not wring out! Hang the gloves on your fingertips and let them dry slowly. Before they are finally dry, cover again, knead lightly and pull into shape.

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